‘Castle’ Season 7 Spoilers: Opening Episode To Deal With What Happened To Rick Castle, Caskett ‘Not’ Separating

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The opening episode of "Castle" Season 7 is set to reveal what happened to Rick Castle. The consequences and the mystery related to the disappearance are expected to be revealed over the course of the new season.

Speaking about what will happen in the new season, Andrew Marlowe, creator of "Castle," said to Give Me My Remote: "In the opening episode, we're going to be dealing with what happened to Castle, and the ramifications of it are something we're going to be dealing with through the course of the season."

In the same interview, Marlowe assured the fans that writers of "Castle" are not going to "tear-apart" Castle and Beckett. "These are two people who are very much in love, who are going to be challenged by something here, but we're not saying this is going to tear them apart or anything," he said to Give Me My Remote.  

The new teaser of "Castle" Season 7 revealed that Rick Castle has vanished. Beckett did not find any charred body inside the burnt-out car. The opening episode of the new season will see Beckett investigating the disappearance of Castle, the hardest case of her life. It looks it will take some time before she finds Castle.

Alex and Martha, according to David Amann, the new showrunner of the show, are going to be in a mess and upset, as in episode 1, "there's a protracted investigation that doesn't really yield any answers."

"So there's several months of not having any answers of exactly what happened," Amann said to Give Me My Remote.

Meanwhile, TV Line has reported that Gina Ravera is joining the cast of "Castle" as a guest-star. Detective Irene Daniels of "The Closer" will be seen portraying the role of a vice-president at a toy company in "Castle" Season 7. According to TV Line, the name of the character is Marsha Stoller and she will make an appearance in episode 2 of the new season.

TV Line reveals that the episode 2 features the murder investigation of Wally Williger, the owner of the toy company. In addition to Marsha, Wally's wife, secretary and warehouse foreman are also likely to be seen as suspects in this murder investigation.  

"Castle" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on September 29. The new season will pick up from where it left-off in the previous season finale.    

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