Castle Season 7 Spoilers: Castle's New Secrets Likely to Impact Caskett's Relationship, Fun Episode, Who Caused Accident of Castle's Car

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It is almost confirmed that Rick Castle is not dead. However, this does not put a stop on the questions about who caused his car's accident and who was driving the black SUV that was following Castle's car in Season 6 finale of "Castle." There are speculations that Bracken managed to get out of the prison and tried to hit where it hurts Beckett the most. Also, there are theories about the return of 3XK, with a new face.

TV Guide reports that Bracken and 3XK have nothing to do with the accident. Also, Castle's father is not the brain behind what happened in the final moments of "Castle" Season 6. The final moments of Season 6 were about building the base to introduce a new mythology, which has nothing to do with Bracken, 3XK or Castle's father.  

The new mythology of the new season revolves around Castle and new secrets about him and his life are expected to tumble out. David Amann, the new show-runner of the show, said to TV Guide, "The mythology we're getting into is going to go past all that [Bracken and 3XK theories] into some new territory." He called the speculations about Bracken and 3XK "all fair game," but said that the opening of the season is not going to be about that.

Speaking about the impact of Castle's new secrets on Caskett's relationship, Amann told TV Guide, "Things that are going to come to light that are going to be unsettling for Beckett." He, however, added that they are committed to Castle and Beckett's relationship.  

"I don't think what happened to Castle is going to disrupt the trajectory of that relationship, at least not in the long term" Amann said.

Meanwhile, Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line reports that Andrew Marlowe, creator of "Castle," is writing episode 2 of Season 7. He also reveals that episode two of the new season features the murder of a toy mogul. It has been reported that the premiere episode is a two-partner, but Mitovich says that the premiere episode is not a "two-parter, per se."

Amann has told TV Line that there is "a really fun episode" in the new season, which is likely to be one of the first four episodes. This episode "deals with what seems to be an invisible killer -- and the characters take a lot of pleasure in that," according to Amann.  

"Castle" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on September 29, 2014. The cast and crew are currently filming the new season.

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