Castle Season 7: Nathan Fillion Answers Question about Castle and Beckett Wedding [VIDEO]

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Castle and Beckett's wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings in the T.V series world. The writers of "Castle" raised the expectations of Caskett fans and then gave them a heartbreaking moment in Season 6 finale, and not the moment to savour. Castle and Beckett did not get married in the final episode, after it seemed that Beckett and Castle have overcome all the obstacles.

The groom was missing and Beckett found Castle's car in a ditch and in flames. The worst was being assumed, that Castle is dead. Nathan Fillion, who plays "Castle," has signed on for Season 7 and it is confirmed that his character is not dead. In an interview with TV Line at Comic-Con, the actor, however, did not spill any detail about what must have happened to his character.

When TV Line asked him whether Castle and Beckett will get married in Season 7, Fillion said, "We made people wait a lot time for these two characters to finally get together. Now that they are together, how much longer can we make people wait for wedding, I think becomes my question. You don't want people to become bored in the waiting."

Fillion also said that he was one of the guys who suggested not to get Beckett and Castle married, because then people will stop watching. He admitted that he was wrong.

And, speaking about David Amann taking over as the new showrunner, Fillion said that this switch means that "they're in very capable hands." He called Amann the "right hand guy" of Marlowe "in a lot of ways," and said that Amann has been working on the show for the last four years. Fillion said that Amann has worked on some of his favourite episodes and this switch recognises his hard-work.

 "Castle" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 28 this year. It will be introducing a new mythology that revolves around Rick Castle. The new season will pick-up where it left off in the last season -- at the accident site, with Beckett still in her wedding dress.

Talking about the introduction of the new mythology in Season 7, Fillion said to TV Line, "We've covered some ground as far as the two characters coming together, pulling apart. We need a new reason to come back and face a new season and so far, so good."

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