‘Castle’ Season 7: Kate Beckett and Rick Castle to Return!

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ABC has renewed "Castle" for season seven, which means Kate Beckett and Rick Castle will return to investigate new cases and also one can expect to see their evolving relationship.

The show has been renewed for another season despite a drop in ratings from last year. TV Line reports that the ratings may have dropped, but it still remains one of the most-watched scripted series. According to the report, "Castle" Season 6 is "averaging a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.96 million total viewers."

"Castle" Season 6 is set to wrap-up with episode titled "For Better or Worse." There is much speculation about whether Castle and Beckett will get married, or not. According to a sneak peek and preview of the episode, Beckett, to her shock and surprise, will discover that like Castle, she also needs to submit her divorce paper-work. She is still married to someone else.

This someone else is expected to be Rogan O'Leary, played by Eddie McClintock. TV Line reports that this character, a small time hustler, has a "complicated past" with Beckett. He is known for lying, cheating and scheming, according to TV Line report. 

"For Better or Worse" is likely to keep the fans of Caskett at the edge of their seats. The Season 5 finale ended on Castle getting down on his knee and proposing to Beckett, and Season 6 opened with Beckett accepting the proposal.

For a major part of "Castle" Season 6, Castle and Beckett were shown preparing for their wedding. In a recent episode, it was revealed that Lanie will be Beckett's maid of honour, while Alex will be Castle's best-man. The final episode of the season is set to open the wedding invitation card and announce the date and wedding venue. The big question is will Caskett get married, or fans will have to wait for "Castle" Season 3 to know the answer.    

Andrew Marlow, creator of "Castle," has said to TV Guide: "Weddings can either go off without a hitch or they can be disastrous," Andrew W. Marlowe, creator of "Castle," said to TV Guide. "[But] people can end up together after the disaster. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve."

Official Synopsis of "Castle" Season 6 Finale, Episode 23: "In the sixth-season finale, Castle and Beckett prepare for their wedding. However, an unwelcome surprise may ruin things, so they embark on a zany adventure, encountering masked men and mad bikers along the way." 

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