‘Castle’ Season 6 Spoilers: Who is the Best Man at Caskett’s Wedding?

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The wedding preparation talks are one of the highlights of "Castle" Season 6.

Castle and Beckett have discussed about the wedding date, wedding outfit, wedding venue, music, guestlist and the flower arrangement. But they have yet to finalize who will be the best man and bridesmaid during their wedding.       

Esposito and Ryan will up their game to ensure that Castle pick one of them as his bestman. TV Guide Mega Buzz revealed Esposito and Ryan will battle it out to become the bestman.  The report cited there will be a ridiculous competition between the two.  

"Ryan [wants] to have nice time at the bachelor party," Seamus Dever said to TV Guide. "He knows a great place with a great wine list. He's going to be a classy best man where Esposito is going to be like, 'Yeah, I'm your frat boy'!"

It seemed both the men will fail in their efforts to woo Castle. "The whole time they're jockeying for favor, all of their efforts are wasted because he's not even aware of what they're trying to do," Dever said.

Castle and Beckett have yet to announce their wedding date. Meanwhile, Andrew Marlowe, showrunner of "Castle," is neither confirming nor denying that Castkett will get married in the season finale.

"Weddings can either go off without a hitch or they can be disastrous," Marlowe said to TV Guide. "[But] people can end up together after the disaster. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve."

"Castle" Season 6 opened with Beckett accepting Castle's marriage proposal. Caskett's wedding would be a perfect end to the season. Castle and Beckett beginning the new season as a married couple will be interesting to watch.

Married or not married, both of them have formed a relationship of love, trust and admiration for each other. The season six has strengthened their bond.  

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