Castle Season 6 Spoilers: Stana Katic's Beckett Faces Off with Lisa Edelstein's Cuddy in Defunct 'House' [PHOTOS]

  on July 13 2013 6:17 AM

Castle Season 6 spoilers are heating up as Lisa Edelstein has just been named among the personalities stepping in to the world of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett.

After mentally sparring with Hugh Laurie's House as Lisa Cuddy for seven years, Lisa will be joining Nathan Fillion's Castle. In the process, Lisa and Stana Katic will be facing off. This is such an exciting idea for fans of both Cuddy and Beckett.

Castle Season 6: Stana Katic Dishes Thoughts on Beckett's Crossroads

Stana Katic has recently spoken about her character Beckett. And she is very specific about what she wants Castle's love to do.

"If she drops the FBI gig, she's a loser," Katic tells TV Guide in an interview about Castle Season 6. "This is a modern woman's story, and I don't want to send the message that a woman has to choose love over a career. New York and D.C. are not that far apart, and Rick's a millionaire. They can travel. I think it would really be a big disservice to the character to create a job opportunity like this and let it peter out."

Stana is quite the storyteller, too. What does she want to happen in Castle Season 6?

"Bring the 3XK killer back, which requires Kate to put together her own team. Sometimes we're all together in New York and sometimes we're telling different stories apart. Kate can have it all!"

Castle Season 6 Spoilers: New Characters Stepping In

Meanwhile, Lisa will be playing a "no-nonsense, intelligent detective." She'd be known in Castle as Rachel McCord. Will Rachel replace Kate at NYPD?

Actor Isaac Johnson is also joining Castle Season 6. On Instagram, Johnson posted what seems to be the Season 6 premiere episode script, and his name is listed as "federal agent." Also getting on board is a possible love interest for Alexis. Some guy called called Pi (Myko Olivier) will make Rick's daughter fall in love again. How will Rick feel about that?

Castle Season 6 will air in September.

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