‘Castle’ Season 6 Spoilers: Beckett’s Powerful Enemy Re-Surfaces, Open-Shut Case, Episode 20 to Feature 70s New York [VIDEO]

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ABC has released the title of episode 17 of "Castle" Season 6. It is titled "In the Belly of the Beast." In the episode, Beckett will be part of a Narcotics investigation. The synopsis of this episode suggests that Beckett will have to outwit a powerful enemy from her past and a routine undercover mission will face unsuspected, dangerous enemies.

Does this "powerful enemy" allude to William Bracken? Andrew Marlowe, creator of "Castle," had said to TV Guide that Kate Beckett's mother story has to see a closure. He had indicated that they plan to bring Bracken back, but only when they have a "perfect story." This might be the perfect story.

"In the Belly of the Beast" will put Beckett in a dangerous situation. She will be seen engaged in a "battle of wits" against the most dangerous men from New York underworld, according to the synopsis of the episode.    

"Castle" Season 6 Episode 16 is titled "Room 147." The episode will feature for the first time a theory-less Castle, as an open and shut case turns into a case of "one murder, too many killers." Castle will be unable to come-up with his usual eccentric theory when more than one person turns-up, claiming to have killed the same murdered victim. The sneak-peek of this episode suggests that the victim insisted on staying in Room 147 despite all rooms being identical. In the sneak peek, Beckett can be seen surprised when a woman confesses to killing the man, voluntarily, in 11 seconds. However, the woman was not present in Room 147 at the time of murder. The episode will reveal why the woman and other people are confessing about murdering the dead man.  


Meanwhile, TV Line has spilled some spoilers about episode 20.  According to TV Line, the episode 20 is called "The 70s Show." And, the street of New York will turn into a set of 70s. "...word on the street is it will literally be set in '70s New York," according to Michael Ausiello of TV Line.

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