‘Castle’ Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Will Caskett Marry in Final Episode?

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The season six of "Castle" began with Kate Beckett accepting Richard Castle's marriage proposal. The two have not yet fixed a wedding date, but the viewers have seen them preparing for their wedding, discussing about the venue, their song, guest list and more. The big question is whether Caskett will take the big step forward and get married in this season finale.

E! Online's spoiler report reveals that Castle and Beckett are "going to take one step closer to tying the knot." The last episode of "Castle" Season 6 is titled "For Better or For Worse" and is scheduled to air on May 12, 2014.

This episode features a stripper called Sapphire. E! Online hint at a bachelor party by saying "we're not saying that there is going to be a bachelor party." Sapphire is a gem, according to the report.  

In addition to Sapphire, the episode will also feature a motorcycle gang leader, an ex-mob boss and an officiant [of some sort], according to TVLine's spoiler report.

It looks like the wedding date gets fixed, but a murder case and the gang-mob might make the final episode: will they marry or won't they marry kind of episode.  

Andrew Marlowe, show-runner of "Castle," refuses to confirm whether Caskett will get married at the end of this season, or not. Marlowe, however, has said to Give Me My Remote, "I think that what the two of them want from their wedding is going to play out for the audience. I think we're going to play fair with them, and show Castle and Beckett try and have the wedding they want."

"Castle" writers are currently trying to show the process of planning a wedding, according to Marlowe. "Things certainly can happen along the way, but that doesn't mean the wedding is going to be off. It doesn't mean the wedding is going to be on."

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