Castle Season 5 Spoilers: Rick, Ex-Wife, Alexis and Beckett all under one roof?

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Richard Castle's ex-wife Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) is set to come for a visit. How will her presence affect Castle's girlfriend Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)?

Beckett could undoubtedly hold her own when placed in one room with the ex-wife. Sure, there may be some eye-rolling here and there, knowing Kate, but she is likely to be cool about it.  

Rick Castle lives with three -- or four - women, emasculation alert?

Apparently, Beckett's apartment will be fumigated, so she should stay somewhere else until her place is no longer a health hazard. Where else would she stay? At her boyfriend's apartment, of course.

Meredith, on the other hand, re-appears out of the blue to convince her daughter to go on a European adventure trip. But the college freshman gets sick. The mum decides, 'What the heck, you've been sick many times without me, this time I'll be around to take care of you.' Then she makes herself at home in her ex-husband's apartment.

Now the daughter of the man in the triangle might not take this well. Everything's a bit too odd, after all. Wetpaint's spoiler report says Alexis will come home from Columbia University to her dad's New York apartment and be greeted by a full house.

There's been no mention of Martha in the spoiler reports. If Castle's mum doesn't make herself scarce in this episode, he will be living with four women - for "a couple of days."

TV Guide says the "full house" episode will air in January, so more fun developments will be carried out before then. This special episode is titled, "Significant Others."

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