Castle Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Can Writers Top 'Always?' (Plus other questions)

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Castle Season 5 finale is only five episodes away. The 100th episode next week (Apr. 1, ABC) brings fans closer to the end of another chapter. The scenes from the Season 4 finale, "Always," are still very fresh in viewers' memory. How can series creator Andrew Marlowe top that?

In an interview with, Marlowe hinted the developments in next week's episode are linked to the main story of Castle Season 5. Episode 20, "The Lives of Others," brings to the surface some relationship updates about Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. This is Marlowe's way of raising a toast to Castle viewers.

"We wanted to do a (100th) show that was a bubbly glass of champagne for fans," Marlowe told TV Guide, implying that producers deliberately avoid too much drama on the Caskett love front. Such moments are for special occasions, such as the landmark century episode. It will be "something that was a perfect, quintessential Castle episode that really fixed the lens on the Castle-Beckett dynamic."

Terri Edda Miller, Marlowe's wife and 100th episode co-writer said Episode 20 will usher in viewers to an "emotional, complicated" season finale. (Uh-oh, cool-off on the horizon? It's okay, if this is what it takes to make them realize they are ready for the big vows.)

It was in Episode 10, "Significant Others," when viewers last saw how complicated the Caskett couple can be. Kate had a little talk with Meredith, Castle's ex-wife. She told Kate that Castle rarely opened up about his life, his innermost thoughts. It was then that Kate asked about Castle's father. And it seems they will be on that same route by Episode 20: Kate asks herself whether she could really be the one for Castle.

"They'll start posing questions like, 'Where are we going?'" explained Marlowe. "Am I wasting my time?" He further teased the viewers.

Contrary to earlier buzz, Castle Season 5 finale is not going to be called "Still." Miller tweeted about the confusion, saying the finale has yet to be given a title. "Still" goes to the additional episode ordered by ABC, but it will be shown prior to the big season finale.


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