Castle Season 5 Episode 9: ‘Secret Santa’ Photos, Beckett-Castle Quotes [Preview Video]

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ABC's "Castle" Season 5 has been successful so far in showing that sparks can still fly for the show's central character and his muse after they've finally hooked up. There is still a lot of moments to look forward to, and one of those is the upcoming Christmas episode called, "Secret Santa."

"I hate to break it to you, Castle, but there is no Santa," Detective Kate Beckett tells her boyfriend Rick Castle.

"Well, not anymore," Castle responds, devastated over the death of their latest murder victim - Santa Claus, himself.

Castle Season 5 Episode 9: "Secret Santa" Teaser

Here is's episode summary of Castle's Christmas episode:

"Beckett and Castle investigate the death of a man dressed as Santa after he drops out of the sky in Central Park. Castle and Beckett get ready to spend their first Christmas together."

TV Line's Michael Ausiello dishes some additional information on the special episode:

"I can confirm that the Dec. 3 holiday-themed outing will answer the age-old question: If Rick had a Christmas tree, what exactly would it look like? Also, who would help him decorate it?" Ausiello wrote.

Can you see Beckett as a Christmas tree decorator?

Let's go back to a dialogue they had about Christmas in a Season 3 Episode 2: "He's Dead, She's Dead:"

"Castle, Why is it so important to you that I believe all this stuff about fates, and psychics and Santa Claus?" - Beckett

"Because if you don't believe in even the possibility of magic you'll never ever find it." - Castle

Do you think Beckett could have a "special Christmas" now that she and Castle are together?

"If you aren't ready, just tell me," Castle says in the Christmas episode sneak peek. It sounds like someone is getting cold feet about something.

Video: Castle Season 5 Episode 9 Sneak Peek

Here is a preview clip of what awaits Castle and Beckett fans next week.

'Start' the accompanying slideshow to see promo photos for Castle Season 5 Episode 9: "Secret Santa."

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