Castle Season 5 Episode 16: 'Hunt' and James Brolin Scoop, Plus 'Wonderful, Surprising 100th Episode' [PHOTOS]


"Castle" Season 5, Episode 16 ("Hunt") is coming up Monday (Feb. 25) in the U.S. to help viewers catch their breath after last week's jaw-dropping pivotal episode --- which ended in Paris, France. In this episode, viewers finally get to meet Castle's father, to be played by the brilliant James Brolin. (Excited yet?)

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for those who have not seen the latest episodes of the ABC comedy-drama, Castle, Season 5.

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On, the second part of last week's episode is described as follows:

"When Castle takes matters into his own hands, after the FBI fail to get Alexis back, he discovers that the kidnapping may be part of something more ominous." Now what could be this something ominous - is it something similar to the Season 4 episode called "Linchpin?"

Incidentally, it was in "Linchpin" when Castle's dad was brought up in a big way. Viewers knew something bigger was going to happen in relation to Rick Castle's father. The Castle father-son arc takes off this Monday amid the kidnapping and rescue of Alexis Castle.

Castle Season 5, 100th Episode: Creator Andrew Marlowe Dishes Plans

Castle is about to deliver its 100th episode. From humble beginnings, the series took off with fireworks and gained a steady following, thanks to avid fans who pepper the social media channels with Caskett confessions. What awaits the viewers in relation to the landmark episode?

"What we're looking to do is an episode that is a classic, charming, wonderful, surprising Castle episode that'll be a lot of fun and feature all of our characters in a really great way," Castle creator Andrew Marlowe told Entertainment Weekly.

Marlowe teased the Castle viewers that the Castle production will "have a chance to play around with the Castle-Beckett relationship in a fun way." This should be more fun than the Hampton's romantic weekend getaway. (It was in this special episode where Rick Castle acknowledged the Caskett shippers.)

It's good to know what's coming up, but for now, viewers manage their heart beats as Castle Season 5, Episode 16, "Hunt" is about to air. Start the slideshow for some still photos in ABC promos.


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