Castle Season 5 Episode 13: ‘Recoil’ Brings Back the Dangerous Sen. Bracken [PHOTOS]

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Castle Season 5 comes back Monday night in the U.S. with Episode 13, a fresh episode called, "Recoil." Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is expected to unleash fury in her second face-to-face encounter with the powerful and dangerous Sen. Bracken (Jack Coleman). has some very interesting still photos from this week's Castle episode. One of these images is displayed below, showing Beckett and Coleman locked in an intense gaze.

Castle Face-off: Sen Bracken vs Detective Beckett

Castle Season 5 Episode 13 Face-off: Sen Bracken vs Detective Beckett (Photo: ABC/Castle)

This week's Castle episode could reveal a connection between a young woman's murder and the man behind the murder of Beckett's mother. The episode summary goes:

"Complications ensue when Castle and Beckett finally try to take Senator Bracken down after finding evidence connecting him to a young woman's murder."

In an interview with, Coleman dishes his thoughts on Beckett's situation.

"She's very much on the horns of a moral dilemma. Every fiber of her being is crying out for vengeance. But [if she kills him], what does she become? What does that say about her? There are no easy answers here," he said.

Is there a connection between the murdered young woman and Beckett's mother, too? How will Beckett hold herself together this time in the presence of a very dangerous enemy? Viewers can expect Castle to be very watchful of Beckett. He knows her concept of justice is in a muddle when it comes to her mother.

"It puts Castle in a position where he's waiting and watching to see what she's going to do with deep concern," series creator Andrew Marlowe told TVGuide.

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