Castle Season 5 Episode 10: What Does Rick's Ex-Wife Need Now? [PHOTOS]

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Castle Season 5 is still out of fresh episodes, but here are some mild spoilers, speculations and photos to tide fans over until the series returns in January.

Castle and Beckett will have a rough 2013 based on the series' first episode of the year. Season 5 Episode 10, titled "Significant Others" will see the return of Rick's ex-wife Meredith (Darby Stanchfield). What does she need from Castle now?

In previous spoilers, it was revealed that Meredith would invite her daughter Alexis to join her in a European adventure. But the trip would be put on hold. The official episode synopsis says Meredith will take care of Alexis as she recovers from Mono. Still, Meredith was never the doting, nursing mommy to Alexis. So, what is it that she really wants?

Meredith asked Castle to co-sign a loan for her when she came to New York in Season 1 Episode 6 ("Always Buy Retail"). Castle then found a way to lure her out of the city before she could wreak havoc in his life. Even Alexis suffered some bouts of guilt because she really wasn't thrilled to know her mother had planned to stay in New York. Clearly, Meredith and Alexis are not really close, to say the least. So why would Meredith surface now - almost four years since her last visit?

Meredith's motive or hidden agenda will be revealed in a little over a week. Fans could enjoy a little guessing game for now. Start the slideshow to see still photos from "Significant Others."

Here are other stories fans could expect or hope to see in the second half of Castle Season 5.

Castle Season 5: Stories to look forward to in 2013

1. Castle meets his dad.

2. Beckett finds an opportunity to attack Senator Bracken and avenge her mother's death.

3. Martha's enters into yet another business venture or (mis)adventure.

4. More Alexis-Rick daddy's girl moments.

5. Iron Gates finds out about the Caskett relationship.

6. The return of 3XK. (He didn't really die, did he?)

7. Ryan and Esposito rediscovers "bromance" post huge conflict from last season.

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