Casper Smart Faces Another Transgender Scandal Post Split from JLo

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Casper Smart and musician Jennifer Lopez
Casper Smart and musician Jennifer Lopez arrive at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 18, 2014. REUTERS

Fresh allegations have come out from yet another transsexual who claims that she has had relations with Casper Smart while he was with Jennifer Lopez.

Triple threat star Jennifer Lopez who is now 44 years old and Smart, 27, have been dating for two and a half years before news of their split came out last week. The two have last been seen in public on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards on May 18 but news about an imminent split have been going around since October last year.

Jennifer has been with Smart since shortly after her divorce with Latin singer Marc Anthony with whom she has twins Emme and Max. The kids have reportedly become very close with Smart over the years.

"He's fantastic with the kids and he helps me very much with my work. It was his idea, he knew I had the idea to do 'Same Girl,' and go shoot that in the Bronx and he was like, 'When are we going to be in New York again? Come on I'll do it with you, let's go do it. Let's put that dream down for you.' And he basically produced it with me, so he's fantastic in that way," Jennifer said about Smart during happier times.

The split was attributed to "sexting" allegations between Smart and a transsexual who he allegedly met through Instagram. Smart's name has been dragged in the dirt by the woman named Sofie Vissa who is claiming that Smart exchanged photos and racy messages with her

The latest reports published in The Sun, involve another transsexual model called Xristina Marie who claims that she "fooled around" with Smart in his car weeks before his split from Lopez.

"There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter. I am weighing my options on the appropriate action to take against Xristina Marie and/or The Sun." said Smart in an interview with Us Weekly.

Sources claim that the split which had been coming for months, had nothing to do with the "sexting" scandal/ In true Hollywood fashion, the exes claim to have split on amicable terms and remain close.  

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