Carlos Boozer Will Take Jeremy Lin’s Game to Greater Heights

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Jeremy Lin Press Conference
Jul 24, 2014; El Segundo, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak introduces Jeremy Lin during a press conference at Toyota Sports Center. Mandatory Credit: REUTERS

Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer could be a very potent duo for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, because of how they both complement each other on offensive end, especially running the pick-and-roll plays.

Lin, who will start a new chapter of his basketball career as a member of the Lakers after two subpar seasons with the Houston Rockets, could find a perfect partner in Boozer, who can still produce big numbers.

Under the tutelage of new Lakers head coach Byron Scott, these two players are expected to have a turn-around season by allowing them to play to their strengths. The only question now is how successful can they be as a duo?

Not long ago Scott once led the New Orleans Hornets to greater heights by finishing with one of the best records in the league in 2008. With Chris Paul and David West executing pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop plays to utmost efficiency, the Hornets were unstoppable for most of the nights.

Of course, who won't forget the dynamic tandem of Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin in the early 2000s. Kidd was already a top-notch point guard then, but Scott's system and Martin's seamless ability to play the pick-and-roll made wonder for Kidd and the Nets, who played in back-to-back NBA finals.

If things fall in place well, Scott could have a very potent pick-and-roll duo in Lin and Boozer, who could make the Lakers more competitive in addition to Kobe Bryant's scoring brilliance.

Lin has been an excellent running pick-and-roll. It was the same old-fashioned play that catapulted him to stardom in New York City during the 'Linsanity era.' Teamed up with Tyson Chandler and a handful of floor spacers, Lin ripped through the opponents' defense for successive games and started the hysteria that forever be remembered in basketball lore.

Though he hadn't much to create his own play with the Rockets (primarily because of James Harden), he was still able to show how good he can be when running pick-and-roll in some of his plays with Dwight Howard. In fact, Lin once topped the league with the most points as a roll man off a pick-and-roll with 1.38 points per play.

Meanwhile, everybody knows that Boozer is one of the finest pick-and-roll operators in the business. During his tenure with the Utah Jazz, Boozer's tandem with Deron Williams reminisces the days of John Stockton to Karl Malone era. He also had success playing with Derrick Rose in Chicago, but the Bulls star's absence due to injuries forced him to be an undersized low-post operator.

Another skinny about the Lin-Boozer partnership is they both playing in their final contract years. For a shot at another relevant contract, these players would surely need each other to take their game to another level and become major contributors for Lakers' success next season.

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