Carlo Carlei's New Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

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Known as the most dangerous love story ever told, Romeo and Juliet is an epic lovestory that ends with an unfortuate tragedy. Directed by Carlo Carlei, the all new Rome and Juliet is a 2013 British film adaptation of William Shakespeare's masterpiece which is scheduled to open in UK and US on October 11, 2013.

This epic tale of love was revitalized by Downtwon Abbey's writer Julian Fellows and brought to life by Carlei  (The Flight of the Innocent) to give the 21st century audience a chance to fall in love again in this timeless classic. Romeo Montague is played by Douglas Booth ("From Time to Time") and Juliet Capulet is played by Hailee Steinfeld ("True Grit") as the ill-fated lovers.

This new adaptation features a traditional retelling of Shakespear's greatest work making it seems almost refreshing and a breath of fresh air in a time where radical re-interpretations are very common. The film's trailer has a purist envisioning of the play but with cinematic feel thanks to award-winner Carlo Poggi (Cold Mountain) for his eleborate costumes and the breathtaking scenes of the 16th to 17th century.

The trailer also captures David Tattersall beautiful cinematography and Julia Fellows adapted screenplay where she managed to create a healthy percentage of the Bard's scenarios. Thanks to the film's tame atmosphere and clean technical style, this adaption is a kind where English teachers would like their students to watch.

The star-crossed lovers was joined by a talented ensemble headed by Paul Giamatti as Friar Laurence, Damian Lewis as Lord Capulet, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Benvolio Montague and Ed Westwick as Tybalt. Other cast includes Tom Wisdom as Count Paris, Christian cooke as Merculito, Natasha McElhone as Lady Capulet and Tomas Arana as Lord Montague.

"Romeo and Juliet" started filming on February 3, 2012 in Italy where they used various locations like the famous grotto of Sacro Speco in Subiaco and in Mantua; Cinecitta in Rome and in Verona. Adapted many times in the big screen, "Romeo and Juliet's" notable adaption was in 1996 by Baz Luhrmann and 1936 by George Cukor.

Douglas Booth was optioned to play Romeo back in June 2011 beating 300 aspiring Romeos. Hailee Steinfeld is the first choice to play the role as Juliet, but due to her age all nudity and lovemaking scenes have been excised to make it an age appropriate film for a 14 year old audience.

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