Carers Top ABS List of Top 10 Jobs in Australia With Growth Over Next 5 Years

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In February 2014, Australia's joblessness rate hit 6 per cent, the highest rate since 1997. Employment experts believe that by identifying the hot jobs over the next five years, Aussies could help prevent their becoming unemployed since they could initiate steps this early to shift careers or learn a new trade.

Drawing on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' yearly Jobs Australia report, the study identified some occupational groups projected to grow in demand until November 2018.

Occupations forecast to grow are

1. Carers for the aged and disabled

2. Sales assistant

3. Registered nurse

4. Clerk

5. Child carers

6. Retail managers

7. Accountants

8. Advertising and sales managers

9. Electricians

10. Education aides

But there would also be industry subsectors that are projected to offer more employment opportunities over the next five years. These are

1. School education

2. Medical services

3. Cafes and restaurants

4. Allied health

5. Supermarket and grocery stores

6. Tertiary education

7. Computer system design and related services

8. Other social assistance services

9. Legal and accounting services

10. Hospitals.

Meanwhile, it appears that prospects for online jobs are also not that rosy, according to the Department of Employment, which noted the decline in postings for Internet jobs for three straight months.

Overall, job ads slipped almost 60 per cent below the March 2008 peak level.

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