Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez Spotted Locking Lips During Romantic Vacation in Mexico

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English model, Cara Delevingne and "Fast and Furious" actress Michelle Rodriguez cannot seem to keep their hands off each other. The hot couple was recently spotted making out in the waters of Mexico during a romantic getaway.

The sexy couple showed off their love with long sessions of PDA during the holiday in Cancun, Mexico. According to Daily Mail, on March 28, Cara and Michelle locked lips in the ocean.

Last month, Michelle was by Cara's side at different European Fashion Week. After that, it seemed that they were ready for a good vacation and some alone time together.

Michelle decided to keep her bikini top on, while Cara chose to get rid of hers and cupped her assets. The couple were deeply in love and did not bother who spotted them passionately kissing each other at the Mayan Riviera resort of Tulum.

After taking a dip in the ocean and playfully splashing the water, they came back to their sun-loungers.

Both, Michelle and Cara have been sharing their vacation pictures on their respective Instagram pages.

"Mmmmmmmm best feeling ever,"  wrote Cara next to a photo of her feet in the sands.

"I'm in love with Tulum," wrote Michelle to a photo of herself holding a turtle in a snorkel.

The "Fast and Furious" star and Cara were first spotted together at a New York Knicks basketball game in January. They were drunk and kissed other during the game.

Later, the duo came back to Paris where Cara was working for Fashion Week. They spent time in London together.

According to a post on Daily Mail, last October, Michelle and Carl were reportedly introduced by Rihanna, who happened to be a mutual friend, at a party in New York.

Michelle and Cara kissing did not come as a surprise because the latter is known for locking lips with her friends, but this was different.

Last Friday, they were spotted collecting their luggage as the prepared to bid adieu to Mexico after the vacation.  

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