Cara Delevigne Wows on Acting Debut Despite Being Terrified, Co-Star Sylvia Syms Her Biggest Supporter

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Cara Delevigne presents the Cara Delevigne Collection by Mulberry during London Fashion Week
Cara Delevingne presents the Cara Delevingne Collection by Mulberry during London Fashion Week February 16, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Cara Delevigne is set to showcase her acting skills on her TV acting debut on June 19. However, a trailer of the British movie-made-for-TV she stars in circulated recently, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of what she can offer outside her modeling career.

In the new drama, Delevinge will play Chloe, a young lady who feels forced to take care of her great-grandmother, Alice, played by enigmatic actress Sylvia Syms while her mother and grandmother go on a cruise. Adding to her stress is the fact that her beloved fiancé is serving a term of duty in Afghanistan. Fear for her beloved's fate made her cherish the moments with her great-grandmother, who experienced the same fate.

Syms, 80, cannot be any more enamored with Cara. She even compares her to Audrey Hepburn. 

"She is real and an absolute joy to work with. I was told I was going to work with a model and I had never heard of her but I literally fell in love with her on the first day. The other girl I loved was Audrey Hepburn," shared Syms to the Evening Standard.

Syms also served as Cara's mentor and inspiration.

''It gave me a lot of confidence to be honest because I was horrifically terrified," Cara admitted. "It kind of meant so much to me... I mean she's an incredible actress and to be able to watch her and even for a minute get her say to me she thought my performance was great, it's too much. I couldn't have asked for anything better."

Apparently, Cara being nervous is incomprehensible for Sylvia.

"I worked with a lovely girl called Audrey Hepburn," she explained to Vanity Fair. "The camera loved her, and she was natural in front of the camera. And this girl's got the same thing. I don't say that because I was paid to do the job, I say that because she has it. Some people have it," Entertainment Wise reports.

As for Cara's life outside the camera, recent reports confirmed Cara Delevigne and "Fast and Furious" Star, Michelle Rodriguez split because things were moving too fast and the latter was not ready for a long term relationship, the Nation claimed.

"Cara really cares for Michelle, but wasn't sure she was ready for a long-term commitment. Michelle wanted to get them a place in LA and Cara felt it was moving too fast," the report added. It seems like Cara did prioritize her career first and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.

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