Captured ISIS Bomber, Pregnant Kurdish Fighter, Speak About Fighting In Iraq

  @AringoYenko on September 03 2014 10:06 AM
Iraqi Shiite militia fighters fire their weapons as they celebrate breaking a long siege of Amerli by Islamic State militants, September 1, 2014.

A wounded suicide bomber confined in secrecy in a hospital has spoken about being a member of the Islamic State. From the other side of the battlefield, a pregnant Kurdish fighter is a recipient of the arms to be delivered by the Australian Defence Force.

A wounded suicide bomber, 23-year-old Horr Jaffer from Chechnya, is confined in a wing of Sulaymaniyah's military hospital under the watchful eyes of a 24-hour security. He had been wounded from a failed attempt to bomb a Kurd checkpoint.

He shared that he joined the ISIS after his jihadist mother and father were killed by whom he believed were Kurds in Syria.

"I want to be a martyr. I decided after they killed my family," he told Sky News in an exclusive interview.

He shared that the Islamic group did not tell him that he was going to die in a suicide bombing attack nor was he told where he was. The only instruction that he got was "to press the button."

During the interview, Stuart Ramsay, Chief Sky UK Correspondent observed that Jaffer knew little about the terrorist activity that the ISIS had been doing. He was not even informed about the caliphate. However, he revealed that the Islamist group had many foreign fighters.

"There are nations from all over the world there. There is British amongst them. They are from Asian countries, Europe and America. From everywhere," he said.

From the other side of the battlefield, a four-month pregnant Kurdish fighter will be a recipient of arms to be delivered by the Australian military.

Fighting the Islamic State is her duty, and it does not matter if she is bearing a child or not, she said.

She belonged to the Kurdistan Workers' party (PKK), another terrorist group but had been fighting alongside the Peshmerga.

Kurdish Peshmerga had intentionally recruited women fighter as a way of terrorising the Islamists psychologically. Islam teaches that a man will not go to heaven if he killed a woman fighter.

A third of Kurdish Peshmerga's fighters are believed to be women. It has an all-female battalion as front liners in the fight against ISIS. To counterpart, the ISIS had women members tasked at torturing other women fighters.

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