Capt. Dave Anderson's Drone Captures Footage of Stampeding Dolphins, Migrating Humpback Whales (VIDEO)

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A drone has captured footage of thousands of dolphins stampeding their way to the Pacific Ocean. Captain Dave Anderson tested his DJI Phantom 2 drone off the coast of San Clemente, California, and was amazed to see the video when it returned.

Not only did the drone record the stampede of dolphins, it also found humpback whales,including a calf. According to reports, it was not the first time he has come across dolphins and whales since he owns a dolphin and whale safari business. He described the drone footage as something different because he felt like being in a new dimension of another world. Mr Anderson said he has learned a lot from what he has seen.

The footage has gone viral in social media with viewers equally amazed to see the dolphins moving together. Humpback whales were also seen in the footage including what appears to be a mother whale with her young calf.

Mr Anderson lost one of his drones in the same day the footage was captured. He said one of his drones damaged the antennae on his boat before sinking in the ocean.

Mr Anderson believes that drones will change the way people look at the world of animals. He said he has not been this excited since underwater viewing pods were invented.

The three humpback whales were shown swimming together with one whale believed to be an escort for the whale calf and its mother. Mr Anderson said he flew his drone from a small inflatable boat. He can be seen in the video launching and catching the drone by hand.

The captain is also working to let the public know of the whales and dolphins seen off the California coast. According to reports, he started the first whale disentanglement group in 2008 at Orange County. Fishing gear like nets has been identified as a major cause of dolphin and whale deaths around the world.

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