Cannes Film Festival 2013: Is Cara Delevingne Leonardo DiCaprio's Hot Date at 66th Cannes? [PHOTOS]


Looking a bit tired, Cara Delevingne was snapped by an army of photographers as she arrived at the Nice Airport, reportedly, for the 66th Cannes Film Festival and as Hollywood hunk, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hot date for the high-profile event for film.

Dubbed as Leo’s “model of the moment,” Cara said, was reported to have been invited by Leo to walk with him at the red carpet in Cannes. Citing The Sun, the news outlet said that Leo had also asked his BFF, Rita Ora to walk with him for the occasion.

“It’s the hottest ticket for months, they’d be daft to miss it,” The Sun said.

Cara and Rita were last seen taking part in a photoshoot forHunger TV. Leo’s latest film, The Great Gatsby is opening Cannes and he was reported as wanting to have Cara and Rita with him for the big night.

The actor, known for his penchant for models, was last heard telling “bed stories” around 12 women as he was having dinner with them and actor, Kevin Connolly.

“Leo talked about the fact that he is sleeping with ‘multiple women’ right now," somebody from the dining table was quoted as telling Perez Hilton, according to, adding: "He was totally open about it. Kevin looked at Leo and told him, ‘I want to be you.’"

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