Cannes 2014 Party Highlights: Jennifer Lawrence Karaoke, Bieber Fever, And More

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Socialite Paris Hilton attends the De Grisogono Party during the 67th Cannes Film Festival in Antibes
Socialite Paris Hilton attends the De Grisogono Party during the 67th Cannes Film Festival in Antibes, May 20, 2014. REUTERS

Cannes 2014, was a star-studded film event that culminated on May 25 in Cannes, France.  The Cannes Film Festival started on May 14 and is finally over. Cannes 2014, according to Variety, is where movie stars enjoy an excess of booze and shortage of food.  It is where they hang loose and do things that are worth talking about on the days to come.

Cannes 2014 had its share of stars' highlights from Jennifer Lawrence aka JLaw gushing over Justin Bieber, to Paris Hilton's near-loss of a $500,000 dress. Below are party "secrets" that happened with the stars during the Cannes Film Festival.

Party secret number one goes to Leonardo DiCaprio. He was caught talking "movie" business on his phone while using the urinal. Variety reports that Dicaprio was spotted walking into the bathroom with a phone already pressed to his ear, and weirdly enough, he didn't hang up even while peeing. Another Cannes 2014 party secret was over Paris Hilton's $500,000 dress.  Hilton wanted to slip into something more comfortable, according to Variety, so she had asked for the dress to be delivered. However, she was reportedly seen climbing a steep driveway, on a six-inch heel, to the hotel lobby and moaning "I'm going to cry," when she realized that her $500,000 dress hasn't been delivered yet. The front desk had no idea that she had a delivery coming and Paris had to beg the concierge for the delivery man to get inside the gates.

Justin Bieber also made it to the Cannes 2014 list of party secret. Rescu reported that Bieber surprised-crashed the party to everyone's glee including JLaw, who took her excitement of seeing Justin for the first time to her Twitter account. Justin Bieber reportedly appeared shirtless on the streets of Cannes, showing off his full-sleeve and chest tattoos, and also took pictures with his squealing fans.

Robin Thicke is party secret number four. During his performance at the amfAR auction, the "Blurred Lines" confirmed divorce from wife Paul Patton, when he told audiences that he wrote a song dedicated to win her back.  But according to Variety, Thicke didn't seem too sad about the divorce, when he moved closer to the stage, to get a better look at the forty supermodels in low-cut dresses doing a fashion show.  Another "aspiring singer" tried to get into the VIP section but resorted to a lip-sync karaoke outside.  Jennifer Lawrence, along with "Hunger Games" co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, were roped off in the VIP section. JLaw and Hutcherson ended up lip-syncing to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," while Hemsworth showed his dance skills to "Blurred Lines."

Lastly, Lindsay Lohan is party secret number six. LiLo was spotted at the Participant Media 10th Anniversary party held at the Oasis yacht. E! reported that she almost tripped  down the ramp to get away from the paparazzi.  "Scared of #paparazzos leaving yacht in #cannesfilmfestival," Lohan wrote on her Twitter account. However, Variety reported that she was asked by the captain to leave the yacht, since she wasn't invited, and also for not following the party's simple rule: "kindly remove your shoes before proceeding to the upstairs deck."

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