Candy Crush Saga Cheat Moves and Tools [Videos]

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The addictive game from Facebook that had landed on Android and iOS made many players go nuts for crushing candies. The game has only one objective which is to switch and match up your way to more than 100 levels around the delicious candies. But the sweetest player can get something as a sugar coat with the following tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga.

1.      Unlimited Number of Lives - The Android Way Using an Android device, you can reset and play continuously all day long with this cheat procedure. Make sure you a Candy Crush installed on your device and currently connected to Facebook to save your progress. Go to "Settings > Applications >Manage Applications > Candy Crush > Clear Data." Go back to your Candy Crush app and connect with Facebook to return where you left off with all the lives restored.

2.      Restore Lives the iOS Method For iOS devices, users can restore their lives by manipulating the device's settings rather than the app's. Go to "Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn off Set Automatically > Set the time few hours ahead." Then go back to the game with all your lives restored. Be sure you are connected to Facebook to save your progress.

3.      Cheat Engine for Google Chrome Last month, February, a cheat engine has been released to give users the ability to value internal records of the game after making a move. Check out demo of the hacking tool:

 If you are ready to try, click this Cheat Engine 6.2.

4.      Firefox Cheat Engine Tool A cheat engine tool also exists for Firefox Browser and is similar to the Chrome version. The engine also allow manipulation of values and must be active during the game. See how it works:

 For the cheat tool, click this Cheat Engine 6.1.

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