Candy Crush Saga Cheat: Get Unlimited Life

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Candy Crush Saga may well be considered as one of the most addictive ones in gaming history. On one hand, it leaves you glued to your mobile while, on the other, it restricts you with only 5 lives at a time to play the game. As you go higher in levels, you risk your lives more. At times, you may lose all 5 lives within a matter of minutes. Then you have to wait for hours to get more lives. You have to depend on your Facebook friends. If they gift you extra life, you may manage to process a bit more. However, things are pretty limited if you want to play the game for a really long time. Here is what you can do to get unlimited life.

Adjust Your Settings

The trick lies in your date and time settings. Candy Crush Saga determines when you lost your life last time. First, uncheck the "Automatic" setting for date and time as it uses network-provided values. Instead, change the date yourself. The moment you are left with no more life, change the date to the next one. Suppose you finish all your lives on May 19, 2014; change it to May 20, 2014. You'll be instantly awarded with 5 fresh lives. If you are addicted enough, you may eventually have to change the year as well. You can also do this when you have to play 3 quests to go into the next episode. You don't have to depend on your Facebook friends for this.

Well, There Are 'Side-Effects'

It may seem really convenient to change the date and keep playing forever. However, changing the date to a future one may be troublesome for other applications. While it may not harm your mobile by any means, some apps like WhatsApp may face problems. To start with, your WhatsApp messenger may not start. You may be asked to buy the app as it will say that you license period is over. Alternately, you may be asked to adjust the date to use this app. You can change the date to use the messenger but you won't be able to play Candy Crush Saga.

There Are More 'Side-Effects'

Another important change that will happen if you change the date is that your call history and message inbox will be affected. Your phone uses the date and time of the device to determine when a certain call was made or a message arrived. If you changed your date to July 10, 2014 to play Candy Crush Saga, your message/call would have that date. The problem happens when you change your date back to the present one. Your latest calls and messages keep hiding as, according to the device, the latest message arrived on July 10.

What's The Solution Then?

The fact is that you cannot have the best of both the worlds. If you're committed to Candy Crush Saga, you should be ready to adjust accordingly. Try to allot a time for playing it when you least expect a call. You should also keep deleting unimportant messages that came on a future date so that you can keep your message inbox updated.

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