Candy Crush Earns Developer $633,000 Daily; Crushes Farmville as No 1 Game on Facebook

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Developers of the very popular game Candy Crush are crushing their way to the bank. Reports said that King, the developer of the addicting game played by young and old alike is earning about $633,000 a day.

The income figures, from mobile gaming monetisation company Think Gaming, are not surprising since the game is played over 600 million times daily, making it the top game on Facebook.

According to AppData, Candy Crush is the no 3 best-selling app in the Apple App Store and has 44 million monthly active users in Facebook. It dethroned Zynga, the developer of Farmville, as the no 1 game app maker on the most popular social media site.

Zynga is said to have lost more than 100 million players in the past 12 months who apparently prefer now crushing candies than building farms that led to the proliferation of cheat sheets.

One reason behind the immense popularity of Candy Crush is that it could be started on a mobile phone and then picked up again on a computer. Another is it is time elastic, meaning it could be played for just 2 minutes or for hours and there is no time commitment before the start of the game.

Think Gaming estimates at the rate that King is raking in money, the developer would earn about $231 million in 2013 alone.

King, a British firm, reportedly is planning to go public. This early, investors and analysts are salivating at the idea of a King IPO, although game IPOs are usually as perilous as the games.

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