Candy Crush Creator Won’t Trademark the Word ‘Candy’ Anymore in the U.S.

By @ibtimesau on


King Entertainment, the creator of the popular online game Candy Crush, has abandoned its trademark on the word "candy" in the U.S. after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved it in mid-January.

Besides the U.S., King has also filed for protection over the same word in the European Union, which it is still pursuing.

Instead of a trademark for the word, King said the best option is to have the rights to Candy Crusher to protect the game in the American market.

The popularity of the game, with millions of players globally, resulted in the trademarked word being constantly infringed.

In the early part of February, King questioned the use of the word by a game called CandySwipe which actually had a 2004 trademark for "Candy Crusher." To protect their beloved game, Fans of CandySwipe wrote excellent reviews about the game on Google Play.


In turn, independent developers made hundreds of game with the word "candy" in the title, hosted on the site Candy Jam, to protest King's trademark.

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