Cancelled for Auction: Marilyn Monroe Alleged Sex Tape with Kennedy Brothers

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The world will have to continue waiting. Disappointment pours in after a report came that the alleged Marilyn Monroe and Kenny Bros. sex tape has been cancelled for auction.

Many has been waiting to see a copy of the alleged sex tape since rumours started decades ago. Radar Online reported that the tape was an 8mm film, kept hidden in respect to Joe DiMaggio, Monroe's husband.

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, was a famous superstar. According to IMDb, the actress died in 1962 from acute barbiturate poisoning resulting to "probable suicide." The superstar was married to Joe DiMaggio, the late baseball legend.

"I had it for years and I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio," William Castleberry, a 56-year-old memorabilia collector claiming to have the alleged sex tape, told Radar.

Castleberry was selfish when it came to details on how he obtained the alleged sex tape or what was really inside it. The alleged recording, however, was seized by Tulare County Sheriff in California as part of a lawsuit involving Castleberry.

Castleberry's alleged sex tape, along with the collector's other memorabilia was seized by the County Sheriff after he allegedly sold a fake statue to several people in Visalia, Calif.

"No way...the tape is real and so is everything that the cops took," Castleberry insisted after he was allegedly accused of selling fake collections.

"They demanded a $90,000 payment I couldn't afford and that is when the sheriff came in and seized the sex tape and all of my other memorabilia I have been collecting my entire life," Casteleberry said.

Since then, Castleberry was reported to have been making payments, although the collector just simply couldn't afford to complete the amount, to satisfy the $200,000 that he was slapped with by the court.

Tulare County Sheriff was supposedly scheduled to put the alleged sex tape up for auction on Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014, but the auction was cancelled, much to the world's disappointment.

The alleged sex tape would have been a great disappointment to Monroe, to former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and to his brother Robert who was said to have been part of a "threesome" that was recorded on film, too, if the film was really true.

TMZ reported that William Castleberry was able to pay his $200k debt to the court. The payee and how Castleberry was able to satisfy the balloon payment wasn't disclosed.

Sorry world, but, for now, Monroe and the Kennedy bros. sex tape will remain "alleged" until Castleberry finally brings it out and let the world witness what had really happened.

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