Canberra Raiders Not Interested in Todd Carney

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Todd Carney’s former team, the Canberra Raiders isn’t interested in bringing him back even if the play-maker shows his best efforts to reform. Carney was caught performing a lewd act that went viral on social media last week and it could very well cost him his National Rugby League (NRL) career.

Raiders CEO Don Furner was adamant that the club is not contemplating of tapping Carney after the latest controversial incident, according to a report from Lee Gaskin from The Canberra Times.

"No, we would not consider signing Todd under these or any other conditions despite reports speculating otherwise,'' Furner said.

Carney played in 71 games for the Raiders from 2004 to 2008 before joining the Sydney Roosters in 2010-2011 for 44 games. He is under contract for the Cronulla Sharks signing him on a five-year deal in 2012..

As early as 2006, Carney was charged with a mid-range drink driving and reckless driving and has license suspended in 2007 for five years. That was only one of the many alcohol related incidents and in 2008, he was cut by the Raiders and the NRL disallowed him signing with another team for a year.

“Firstly a club would need to determine they want him to be part of their team. And I would be surprised if any club made that decision considering his past. Then he would need to convince the NRL that he is a fit and proper person to play our game – and we would naturally take into account his past when making that assessment,” was the strong statement from NRL chief operating officer Jim Doyle last Tuesday.

“Given he has been terminated from three clubs it is most unlikely he would be cleared to rejoin a club in the NRL.”

Even as the Rooster and Sharks gave him a chance to play, Carney couldn’t remain sober and was again involved in multiple controversial acts that involved drinking. Sydney released him in September of 2011 and Cronulla delivered the third sacking of the third team of his once-promising career.

It appears it’s going to be the last one as well.

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