Canadian Woman Killed by Father While Trying to Park SUV in Hospital

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Tammy Conley, a 54-year-old Canadian woman got killed by her own father while he was trying to park his car. She was run over by her 79-year-old father on Saturday, April 19. The horrific incident left the family in shock and regret.

According to CTV News, the accident took place when Ms Conley's elderly father was trying park his SUV outside the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital. Her mother was at the hospital while she, along with her father and 15-year-old daughter, went to the hospital to drop a birthday card.

According to police, Ms Conley's father apparently was at the wheel. While he was trying to parallel park, he hit the car parked behind him. It was when Ms Conley ran from the sidewalk and came in front of her father's car. Her father accelerated forward all of a sudden and hit her along with another vehicle. The car eventually stopped on a lawn. According to witness John Collins, Ms Conley's daughter Samantha saw it all and screamed. Even though paramedics rushed in immediately and revived Ms Conley, she later succumbed to her wounds.

Ms Conley's husband Brad called the accident "terrible" as he said that it felt like their heart had "been ripped off." Brad has been married to Ms Conley for the last 24 years. He seemed devastated by the accident. He told CTV Ottawa that it was "not supposed to be this way." He said that Ms Conley was the "best mother and wife." "There was no love" like that of Ms Conley, he said. He also said that his father-in-law who hit his own daughter to death was not doing well, while Samantha did not speak much after the accident. He said that he did not know how a father would feel after killing his own daughter.

Ms Conley was a funeral director in Trenton for over 30 years. Along with her daughter, she also has an 18-year-old son named Mason.

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