Canadian Sisters Separated 47 Years Back Reunited Through Facebook

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Two Canadian sisters who had been separated nearly half a century back got reunited.

Sandra Barron and Eva Rushton met with each other 47 years after they had been places in separate foster homes in Nova Scotia. Rushton was just two when she saw her sister last time in a court house. Her sister, Barron, was only five that time. It was not possible for little Rushton to understand where her sister had gone until she grew up. Child Services informed her about her sister whose whereabouts were not known at that time.

According to CTV News, Rushton tried looking for her sister for the first time when she became an adult. While she could not find her sister that time, she started looking for Barron again when she was 26. However, she could not have enough information about her long-lost sister as disclosing information was against provincial policies. "I never quite fit into foster care. I always felt alone," Rushton said.

Barron, on the other hand, relocated to Ontario when she was a teenager as she had hoped for reuniting with her biological mother. "Time goes by and before you know it, you're older. A lot of years have gone by," Barron said. Her sister Rushton, meanwhile, resorted to Facebook in search of her sister. She created a Facebook page called "Missing Sister Rushton" in February 2014 and received 13,000 shares in no time. Barron was one of the people whom the page made curious about.

Barron got in touch with Rushton through Facebook and kept contact with her through message or phone-calls. They have also been in touch through the social networking Web site. It was only on Saturday, May 16, when Barron went to Nova Scotia and met her sister whom she had seen years ago. The sisters are apparently looking forward to getting to know each other. "It's like a puzzle and the missing piece is there, and I've got all I need now," Barron said. "It's nice to say you know your family."

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