Canadian People Do Not Trust National Justice System Much, Study Reveals

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at the Museum & Community Centre in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario February 13, 2014.  Reuters.

Canadian citizens hardly have any trust in the legal system of justice in the country. At least that is what the recent internal report from the Justice Department claims. The report also claims that the best possible way of countering such perceptions is education.

The report is a summarization of opinion polls as well as researches conducted over a decade. Some of the researches and poll results have shown high confidence in the capabilities of the police. On the contrary, the main culprit for the general Canadian population seems to be the show functioning of the courts. Canadians blame the courts for taking unnecessarily long time to come to a judgement. At the same time, judges have also been blamed for being "too lenient" in sentencing the culprit.

CTV News reported that the research revealed that, according to the public, the justice system of the country often ignore the victims. On the other hand, the prisons are blamed for doing a "poor job" in rehabilitating offenders. The research results have been obtained by The Canadian Press as the Access of Information Act allows anyone in the country to have the right to "know". The research was made ready for one policing symposium held in Ottawa in January.

The 13-page report says that the Canadian population believes in general that the "corrections system" in the country is hardly doing a decent job while the sentences given to the culprits are often "too lenient". Justice Department employee Charlotte Fraser observed that the tendency among the Canadians to have limited confidence in the justice is quite common among the people of other western countries.

Even though crime rates in the western countries have dropped over the last 10 years, low expectations from the legal system have also been quite steady over the past decade. According to the report, the reason behind the Canadian population having less confidence in the justice system in the country may have something to do with the failure to understand why certain court mandates and correctional methods act the way they do.

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