Canadian Paraplegic Sues Doctor for Shortening His Penis by 1 Inch; Wife Leaves Hubby Due to Inability to Be Intimate

By @ibtimesau on

A paraplegic man from Repentingy, Quebec in Canada is suing the Le Gardeur Hospital for negligence and indescribable anguish, and he is asking for $142,000 damage. The lawsuit is for a botched surgery that resulted in his penis becoming shorter by one inch.

The damage went beyond suffering from an embarrassing situation because the victim - who lost use of his legs - could no longer engage in sexual intercourse, resulting in the wife leaving him after two years of zero sex, the New York Post reports.

The man was injured in July 2011 while having sex with his wife. He went to the hospital for treatment where a nurse initially performed a brief visual inspection of his sex organ but did not touch it. A urologist diagnosed his injury as minor trauma to the penis and sent him home with no further tests done on the man.

Subsequent tests after a few weeks discovered he had a fractured penis, which required surgery and left him with a scar on his private part which was also shortened by one inch.

Fractured penis occurs when the male organ is bent suddenly or forcefully engorged, causing the rupture of the lining of one of two cylinders of the penis, the corpus cavernosum which is responsible for making the organ hard.


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