Canadian Man Likely to Go Through 'Psychiatric Assessment' After Stabbing 5 Youngsters to Death

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Matthew de Grood, 22, who was accused to stab five youngsters in Canada to death on April 15, is set to undertake psychiatric assessment.

Calgary police told CTV News the Calgary house party suspect would likely be assessed on a psychiatric level after the stabbing incident.

de Grood has been charged with five counts of first degree murder which he committed in a house party celebrating the final day of university days for students.

Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson confirmed on Wednesday that the newly graduate would probably go through psychiatric assessment. Hanson earlier called the incident as the "worst mass murder" in Calgary's history.

According to his neighbors, it was the celebration of "Bermuda Shorts Day" organized by Calgary student union. It was a typical celebration that usually takes place every year on the final day of classes at University of Calgary.

The authorities said there was no indication that de Grood was anyway provoked to do the stabbing incident. It is still unclear why he stabbed those people to death. Investigators are currently probing what might have caused the incident.

The police will be "interviewing and re-interviewing the victims," according to Hanson. He said computers and phones, which Matthew had access to, would be looked through as well.

He added there was "a lot of work" which needed to be done. The main confusion in the incident was that there was no confrontation reported in the party.

Matthew apparently brought the weapon with him when he came to the party. Some other sources said he got the weapon from the house itself.

Matthew's father who has served the police force for 33 years was reportedly "heartbroken" and "devastated."

His family said they felt "so bad" for the victims and their families. University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon asked for a moment of silence to pay tribute to the deceased. He called the victims as "bright, promising and beautiful young people."

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