Canadian Man Kicked in Head in YouTube Viral Video Signs Deal for TV Revenue

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Canadian man Jared Frank got his share of fame after his video on YouTube, which shows him being kicked by a train conductor, became viral and amassed over 22 million views within a week. Frank, however, now hopes that he makes some money as well.

The video shows Frank's strange encounter that took place on Machu Picchu in Peru. Various companies now want to sign a licensing agreement with Frank. Frank said that he had chosen one of the offers and signed a contract which would help him monetise his video. He is expected to get revenues every time his video is shown on TV. Additionally, YouTube too pays him for the hits he has been generating.

Frank decided to go adventurous during his trip to an ancient Incan site in March. He planned to shoot a video of himself with a train moving past in the background. He might not have anticipated that the train in the background got so close to him that the train conductor would kick him in the head. Frank did not have any physical injuries but several viewers went extremely critical about his efforts. Frank, on the contrary, does not seem to mind the negative comments.

CTV News quoted Frank saying that one could get negative comments even after putting up a video showing a baby puppy being rescued. "It doesn't matter what you do on the Internet. I knew what to expect as far as the comments, but as far as the sharing and how far the video got, I absolutely did not expect that," he said.

Nevertheless, Frank is not sure how much he has gained financially so far from the video. He is expected to get an update from YouTube only by the end of May 2014. Frank, on the other hand, has to wait for a couple of months to get any revenue from television channels through the company he signed a deal with. Frank will welcome all the negative comments if his expenses for the Peru trip get covered by the revenue from the video, he said.

Watch the video HERE.

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