Canadian Man Drowns while Trying to Save Young Boy from River

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Members of Libya's coast guard recover the body of a migrant who drowned off Tripoli's coast
Members of Libya's coast guard recover the body of a migrant who drowned off Tripoli's coast, August 23, 2014. REUTERS/Aimen Elsahli

A Canadian man drowned while he tried to save a 12-year-old boy in the Ottawa River.

Michael Lumahang from Ottawa was declared as a "hero" after he sacrificed his life while trying to save another. According to Ottawa paramedics, they reached the Bate Island after receiving a drowning report. When they arrived, they had to treat the young boy who was suffering from mild hypothermia. The incident took place at around 7 o'clock in the evening on Saturday, Aug 23.

According to police reports, Lumahang was one of the two men who had jumped into the river to rescue the boy. The 39-year-old was fishing when he saw that the young boy was drowning. He, along with the other 24-year-old man who was fishing as well, tried to rescue the boy. While the other man could save the boy and come out uninjured, Lumahang disappeared after jumping in the Ottawa River. His body had later been found on Sunday morning at around 6:30 a.m. after Ottawa fire rescue team as well as the police marine and dive unit searched for him in the water.

Lumahang was originally from Philippines, but he used to live in Canada. The young boy whom he tried to rescue is alive, and Lumahang should be no short of a hero to the young boy's family. The Canadian apparently learned swimming in his childhood. However, the rough waters of the river got the better of Lumahang who was, according to reports, was not wearing a life jacket when he jumped into the river.

According to CTV News, the mother and the step-father of Lumahang stayed at Bate Island well past midnight as they were hoping for Lumahang's body to be found. Several other relatives of the family also accompanied them. The step-father Michael Tremblay said that, according to the young boy, the rescuers could not see Lumahang. "They managed to pull out the boy. But the little boy said there was someone else in the water but they didn't see him," he said, "He was already gone. Michael was already gone." He described Lumahang as someone who "was always there to help everyone all the time."

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