Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Criticised for Using F-Word at Charity Event

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The Prime Minister’s Office of Canada criticised Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for using the F-word at a boxing match at the Fight for the Cure, a fundraiser for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Trudeau attended the charity boxing match on Saturday, March 29. Trudeau emerged as a winner in 2012 against Patrick Brazeau, the then Conservative senator, in a boxing match at the same event. When Mr Trudeau went in the boxing ring, he said that it was painful for him not to have an opponent while standing inside the ring.

A YouTube video shows Trudeau talking about how passionate he is about boxing. He said that there was no better experience than stepping into a boxing ring and "measuring yourself." He said, "Your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty—none of that f***ing matters." The crowd that attended the event seemed quite happy with his comment, as there was a loud cheer after he dropped the F-bomb.

However, unlike the crowd at the event, the PMO was not so happy about the cuss word used by Trudeau. A spokesman from Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office said that it was one more example of Trudeau's "lack of judgment," stated in an email from Harper's spokesman to CBC News.

Interestingly, Trudeau's father, former Canada PM Pierre Trudeau, was also accused of using profanity in the House of Commons in 1971. The term, which was targeted to Conservative MPs Lincoln Alexander and John Lundrigan, was later referred to as "fuddle duddle" by the former PM. He was also blamed for saying the MPs went "crying to mama."

The younger Trudeau, who is now accused of "lack of judgment," also has a history of using un-parliamentary language at the House of Commons. Back in 2011, Trudeau called then-environement minister Peter Kent "piece of shit."

Trudeau's spokesperson, Kate Purchase, told The Ottawa Citizen that he was candidly speaking as a "passionate" boxing fan.

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