Canadian Female Pilot Reacts To ‘Sexist’ Note From Passenger

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A veteran Canadian female pilot has received a note from one of the passengers flying in WestJet. The note read the passenger would have booked another flight if he knew that the pilot of the flight was a woman.

Carey Steacy, with 17 years on-board experience, was shocked to get a note from a certain "David," one of the passengers whom she assisted to reach his destination. Steacy flew the plane safely from Calgary to Victoria. called the man a "sexist jerk" who left proof of his "sour attitude." The note explained in detail why Steacy, or any woman for that matter, should not be a pilot.

The note addressed to the captain of the WestJet flight read that the cockpit was no place for a woman (with an underlined "no").

David also informed that a woman being a mother would be the most honored, not as a captain. He further wrote that he wished that he knew that it would be a woman at the helm of the plane he was flying in. He would have booked another flight, he wrote. He continued "In the end, this is all mere vanity...". David concluded the note saying that he was "not impressed. The ending part read: Respectfully in love, David" even though one may argue that respect must be the one thing that was missing from the entire note.

Steacy reacted on the note in Facebook. She has informed that it was no longer called a cockpit as "no cocks are required." It is presently called the "flight deck." She "respectfully" disagreed with David on his opinion about female pilots.

"In fact, there are no places that are not for ladies anymore," she wrote. She wrote that David's note was the funniest she had ever come across. Steacy, however, agreed that the highest honor for a woman would be being a mother.

When Metro News got in touch with WestJet to get its reaction regarding the incident, it said the staff were "disappointed." The image of the note has gone viral. See the original note HERE.

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