Canadian Couple Discovers Human Tooth in ‘Spanish Peanuts’ on New Year

By @snksounak on

A Canadian couple found a human tooth in their bag of peanuts on the New Year's Day.

The Winnipeg couple got more than what they asked for on the New Year as Graham Calder, 18, felt he had an additional Spanish peanut in his mouth. Michaela Epp, his 18-year-old girlfriend, discovered a human tooth from Graham's mouth. Graham is a student at the University of Lethbridge, while his girlfriend studies at the University of Manitoba. Both were on a break to visit Winnipeg during the New Year.

Michaela said that she had a look at the contents when Graham spit out what he had in his mouth. Graham was a bit apprehensive at first, suspecting that it could be his own tooth. The tooth was broken into three parts with an exposed root. According to Michaela, it looked a human tooth extracted straight from someone's mouth. Even though the situation was quite awkward, the couple definitely took it in good humour. Graham told his girlfriend that it was quite a way of starting the New Year.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now investigating the case which involves Safeway, the peanuts company. The company is, nevertheless, notified of the incident. Company spokeswoman Betty Kellsey said that the company would cooperate completely during the investigation. The company is committed to food safety standards, she added.

North American countries, especially the United States, are infamous for serving their customers with foreign objects with food products. An Atlanta woman discovered a nose ring in McDonald's breakfast burrito while her daughter was having it. A Michigan man discovered a mouse in his salad which he bought at the supermarket. Fox News reported that a man from Illinois had earlier sued Kraft Foods Inc. when he found one rodent tooth in the food bag. There are fake claims as well. Anna Ayala unsuccessfully claimed that she had discovered a human finger in Wendy's "Chili Bowl".

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