Canadian Bank Thanks Its Customers Through Surprise Gifts In ATM [VIDEO]

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TD Canada made their ATM into what they referred to as "automatic thanking machine" to express their thanks to their customers in a truly special way. A few pre-selected customers had a pleasant surprise in the form of unique gifts when they went to their ATM counters.

When anyone goes to an ATM they lose money from their account and through this novel gesture the bank wanted to give something back to their customers, to make them feel happy.

TD Bank recently changed a few of their ATMs into the gift dispensing "Automated Thanking Machines" which made the life better for a few lucky customers.

When the customers take out cash, the ATMs addressed the customers by name before giving them thank you gifts in appreciation of their patronage. The gifts ranged from $50 to plane tickets to Trinidad and floral bouquets and more. The hidden camera in the counters captured the excitement and surprise of the customers in the video.

"I'm ATM. You know what that stands for?" the ATM asks one man.

The man replies that it is Automated Teller Machine.

"That is correct - normally. But today you're wrong. I'm an Automated Thanking Machine," it says.

For TD Bank customer Dorothy, the ATM thanked her with plane tickets to visit her cancer-stricken daughter in Trinidad. A card she receives from the ATM complimented her for being a supportive mother to her daughter. However, it was not just the mothers who got surprise gifts but also small children and elderly customers were also in the gift list of the talking ATM.

The video that bore the description " A thank you can change someone's day" concludes with a montage of others who received gifts in the campaign and their elated response and smiles. 

Credit: YouTube/TDCanada

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