Canadian Adult Actress Sunny Leone Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau dumps a bucket of ice water onto Liberal MP Sean Casey for the ALS ice bucket challenge in Edmonton
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau (R) dumps a bucket of ice water onto Liberal MP Sean Casey for the ALS ice bucket challenge during a break in the Federal Liberal summer caucus meetings in Edmonton August 19, 2014. Reuters/Dan Riedlhuber

Adult movie actress Sunny Leone becomes the latest participant in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Canadian star, who is presently in India to pursue her acting career in the Hindi film industry, took up the challenge and posted the video on social media.

In the ice bucket challenge video posted on Leone's official accounts on various social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; she says that she has been nominated by her family members. Along with her family, several of her Twitter fans also apparently nominated for the challenge. She says that she accepts the challenge. "So, here we go," she giggles. A bucket full of water, though difficult to understand the temperature, is poured on her head as she gets drenched. She does not waste much time in the 27-second video to nominate her choice for the challenge. She nominates Indian pop star Yo Yo Honey Singh. "You have 24 hours, baby," she says.

Leone's YouTube followers were apparently not happy with the challenge for some completely different reasons. Some of the users seemed to have expected Leone to perform the challenge in a much skimpier outfit. Some users wrote that she was expected to be in bikini or "at least expecting a see-through top" while doing this. Another user wondered if it was another adult movie actress who might have nominated her for the challenge. Leone's past as an adult film-star apparently had an influence over the users' comments. Some of the users asked others to show her respect for the dedication and hard work she put in to pursue a new career in India.

One user dissed Leone's efforts to take up the challenge as she was standing under the hard sun while performing it. Some complained that the bucket was too small. Some blamed it on poor camera work and bad lighting that hardly made it possible to have a closer look at the actress. Another user asked to stop performing the challenge as "some People are dying because of hypothermia." He asked to "plant a tree as a challenge."

International personalities who have already performed the challenge include Bill Gates, George W Bush and David Beckham, among several others. Leone, unlike many celebs, did not forget to mention where to donate for the cause.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/Sunny Leone

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