Canada Woman Strangled to Death as Her Scarf Got Stuck in Metro Escalator

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A woman in Canada was killed after the scarf she was wearing got caught in a metro station in Montreal.

It all happened at the Fabre Metro station in Montreal at around 9:15 in the morning on Thursday Jan. 30. The entrance of the metro station, which had automatic operative system, was allegedly unsupervised; CBC reported. According to Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant of the Montreal police, the woman was strangled to death. The woman, aged about 30, passed away on the spot.

One of the witnesses of the death informed investigators that it was not only the scarf of the woman that might have turned fatal as her hair too got caught in the escalator. It happened when she tried dislodging her scarf from the escalator by bending down. When paramedics and fire-fighters investigated, it was found that the woman died of cardiac arrest. According to Urgences Santé, even though the woman appeared to be in her thirties, she could also be in her forties as well. BBC reported that the woman was aged 48 when she passed away. However, the woman is yet to be identified.

The incident was reported by a transit user who witnessed the woman getting strangled at the bottom of the escalator. The user called 911 to inform the emergency services of the metro. By the time the emergency services responded and reached the scene, the woman was already dead, The Globe and Mail reported.

Montreal police are going to work with the coroner's office in order to determine what exactly happened during the mishap. They are also going to review CCTV footages and talk with witnesses to come to a specific judgement.

According to CTV Montreal, Robert Lamle of Urgences Sante said that he could recall several accidents in the escalators in the metro during his career. However, he had never seen such an accident, he said.

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