Canada Woman Fooled Boyfriend with Fake Pregnancy for Months, Got Exposed After Reaching Hospital for ‘Delivery’

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A Canadian man [Image] was fooled by his girlfriend for months as he was made to believe that she was pregnant of his children. He expected to father quintuplets for several months until he had a reality check after going to hospital with his girlfriend. Thirty-five-year-old Servat discovered that his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenue, 37, had never been pregnant at all.

Toronto Sun reported that Servat was found sobbing to QMI Agency as he said that Ms Bienvenue even let him choose the names of the five babies she claimed to carry. His home, in south of Montreal, still has a baby room which is filled with five empty cribs which are colourfully decorated. He even got various gifts for the children he was expecting. After he went to hospital on Wednesday for the supposed delivery, he said that he "lost everything."

Ms Bienvenue was able to sell the baby story to her boyfriend for 34 weeks as she had broken the news of her pregnancy in September 2013. Servat said that they had been very happy after the surprise took place. He said that his parent had been looking forward to having grandchildren. At first, Ms Bienvenue claimed that she was having twins. As weeks went on, she updated the number to Servat and said that those were triplets and then quadruplets. Eventually, she told her boyfriend that she was carrying five babies.

When Servat took Ms Bienvenue to hospital for delivery, he was informed by hospital authorities that they did not have any file for her pregnancy. One of the nurses eventually took him aside to tell him that his girlfriend was not pregnant. She even showed blood tests to justify it. Servat could not buy it when doctors termed it as "phantom pregnancy." Servat claimed that his girlfriend's belly swelled as she started lactating. She even suffered from morning sickness, he said.

Ms Bienvenue, meanwhile, has been kept under psychiatric observation.

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