Canada Valentines 2014: Names Most Romantic Cities, Victoria, Winnipeg Rated 1st and 2nd

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Looking for a place to spend Valentines 2014 with your significant other? You might wanna try Victoria and Winnipeg in Canada, which have been voted the 1st and 2nd most romantic cities, respectively, by in that country. dished out the rankings based on data on the sales of romance and relationship books, as well as romantic comedies and romantic music CDs from artists including Dean Martin, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Miguel and British Columbia's own crooner Michael Bublé, purchased from Jan 1, 2013 to Jan 3, 2014 in Canada.

This is the second consecutive time that Victoria secured the topmost spot.

The top 20 romantic Canadian cities:

1.            Victoria, British Columbia

2.            Winnipeg, Manitoba

3.            Niagara Falls, Ontario

4.            Lethbridge, Alberta

5.            North Vancouver, British Columbia

6.            Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

7.            Kamloops, British Columbia

8.            Langley, British Columbia

9.            Edmonton, Alberta

10.          Regina, Saskatchewan

11.          Red Deer, Alberta

12.          Thunder Bay, Ontario

13.          Calgary, Alberta

14.          Brantford, Ontario

15.          Sherbrooke, Quebec

16.          Pickering, Ontario

17.          Kingston, Ontario

18.          Nanaimo, British Columbia

19.          Waterloo, Ontario

20.          Cambridge, Ontario

"It's the little things that make Winnipeg romantic," Linda Zuzanski, owner/president of Love Nest, a sex shop and boutique, told Winnipeg Sun when asked what could have probably made Winnipeg land on the second place. The area abounds of restaurants and florists.

"And there is 50 Shades of Grey."

"That novel brought on a lot of great fun conversations," she said. "People are much more open now than they were then."

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