Canada UFO Sightings Reach Record Breaking Levels


UFO, the unidentified flying object, sightings have been reported from all across the world but Canadians are breaking records when it comes to sighting them. UFO reports more than doubled, last year in Canada -- with five sightings reported every day.

There were 986 reports of UFO sighting in 2011 and last year, these alien objects in the Canadian sky were sighted more frequently. According to Canadian UFO survey, 1981 UFO reports were recorded in 2012.  And, it looks like UFOs love Ontario's sky as 40 per cent of the sightings were reported from there, last year.

Civilian science writer and director of Ufology, Chris Rutkowski, has compiled the Canadian UFO survey report since 1989. Talking about 2012 UFO sighting report, he told CBCnews, "It's (the sighting) something across the board. People in Canada were actually looking up into the sky more than in previous years."

Canadians reported seeing alien objects such as light, spheres and boomerangs. The most common sighting was that of simple lights in the sky, according to the survey report. The reporting cannot be a figment of imagination of 1981 overly imaginative sky-watchers as pilots, police and individuals with good observing capabilities and good judgement have reported sighting UFO.

"While there is no real difference between an average person seeing an unidentified thing in the sky and a pilot or police officer (contrary to a fallacy of argument from authority), there is every reason to think that there ARE actually more things in the sky these days to be concerned about," according to Doubtful News.

"We have remote-controlled toys, balloons, Chinese lanterns, even deliberate hoaxes that people are making. Add to this the regular things in the sky that people mistake for weird like normal aircraft, Venus, satellites or the moon, even."

Adam Canning, one of the Canadians who reported sighting the alien object may not agree with Doubtful New. He told CBCnews, "I could see it in the distance for about a minute and then like boom, it went really fast."

"I heard this, beep, beep, beep. I knew something was in the sky. I looked up and there was a big thing. Big, round, like a big hotel or something. I looked at my buddy and I'm like, 'That has to be a UFO'," he said.

Some of the possible theories for this surge in UFO sightings include more secret or classified military exercises and over-flights are occurring over populated areas, according to the survey report. Also, it is possible that the dismal state of economy is forcing some people to look skyward for alien assistance. Internet and portable technology have made it easier for people to report their sightings, leading to increasing UFO reports. 

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