Canada Son Buys Mother Dream Vintage Car Online

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A Canada man searched on the web for one year to find the dream car of his mother. He searched auction sites like eBay for months before he could find the most appropriate one for his mother. The reason why he had to struggle so much to find the car is that his mother's dream car is a copper coloured 1973 Saab.

Corey Wadden was looking for the budget model of Saab 99 which was introduced by the Swedish car company in 1973. The compact executive car, which came with the 1.85 L engine, was last produced in 1984. However, Corey's dedication and determination to find his mother her dream car turned out to be stronger than the odds. The Ontario man was eventually able to find a near-identical car and present it in a dramatic style to his mother.

Corey knew that his mother could not afford a new car after she had to give up the older car in 2013 as she lost her job. The son continued to save up for the right moment. There is history behind Corey's mother considering the Saab 1973 as her dream car. There was a time when she had to clean houses for people to earn her living. One of her clients used to own the car which she occasionally moved so that she could clean the place properly. That was the time she fell in love with the copper wonder.

Corey made his mother believe that he was shooting for his documentary film. That was how he managed to record the reaction of his mother when he dramatically gifted his mother her dream car. At first, he gave her an envelope and said that it had come for her. When she opened it, she found the image of her dreams car inside. She also found the key of the car. Clueless of what was going on, she could only exclaim: "What the f*ck!" When her son took her outside, she could hardly suppress her feelings as she kept on giggling like a teenager.

It took six months for Corey to find out the car. It took another six months for him to accumulate the amount. "But surprising her with it made it all worthwhile," he said. Here is the YouTube video where you'll find all the action:

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