Canada Soldier Becomes Actor, Tells Near-death Experience in Afghanistan Through Play

By @snksounak on

Canadian soldier who was almost killed in Afghanistan is now a theatre actor in England.

Cassidy Little is a former lance corporal from Newfoundland, and his career in experimental theatre is going steady in England. His plays have been able to attract full house while they also garnered enough critical acclaim across the nation. He brings his latest play titled The Two Worlds of Charlie F. to Toronto. The play is going to be launched at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Feb 25.

The play by Mr Little is inspirational enough to make CBC radio produce a documentary on it. The Sunday Edition made a special documentary (listen HERE) on the play but was unable to broadcast it during the regular time slot of the show. The reason is the language profanity used in the play, which made it improbable for the documentary to come on air, abiding by the language policy of the channel. Since the documentary could not be broadcast before 9 pm, it will now be aired around midnight on The Sunday Edition on Feb 17.

Mr Little's work in the form of the play is definitely provocative, as CBC puts it. The play deals with the story of soldiers who get injured during their active service. The Two Worlds of Charlie F. is about the Regiment of the Wounded. It tells about the son of a ballet-dancing general, who eventually becomes a stand-up comedian. However, he ends up losing a leg in Afghanistan after joining the Royal Marines and then comes on the West End. The play actually shows the process of recovery of injured soldiers. calls Mr Little as someone who was "born to entertain." He often jokes about all the tragedies he has faced in his life so far. He even calls the amputation of his leg as a "blessing" as, according to him, he had a "bad Athlete's Foot." Mr Little performed for the first time in his life when he was just eight.

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