Canada to Sell Military Arms to Developing Countries, Including India, Brazil & Chile

By @snksounak on

Canada is seeking new markets for military equipment and guns made in the country, and the developing nations seem to be the next destination. The reason behind searching for new markets for military equipment and guns happens to be the end of the Afghanistan combat operations. There are also heavy reductions in defence budgets in the allied nations such as the United States.

Canada has included Columbia earlier among the list of countries where defence companies of the country are allowed to have business transactions. However, more countries are expected to be included in the list. There seems to be a strong inclination toward developing countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Kuwait and India. Some of these countries are continually reported for abusing human rights.

The National Post Canada reported that there was a secret note presented to John Baird, the foreign affairs minister of the country. The briefing was done in June, and it included plans to sell military equipment and guns to South Korea as well. The decision to include such countries in the Automatic Firearms Country Control List was apparently made after the demand for Canadian weapons got reduced in the UK and the U.S. which were considered to be Canada's "traditional markets".

Postmedia News obtained the document which mentioned that there was a "significantly decreased" demand for Canadian-made defence products in the traditional markets after Canada was no longer a part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan. The defence ministry was forced to find newer opportunities in alternative markets, it read.

According to the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, around half of the revenues are obtained through foreign sales. Over 975 companies benefit from it. Tim Page, the president of the association, said that there was a process of rigorous export control involved to prevent any "inappropriate" use. The sector claims to be responsible for around 109,000 jobs in the country.

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