Canada Nurse Jailed for Injecting Partner with Insulin Syringe, Likely to Lose License

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A Canadian woman was jailed on Wednesday, April 9, for stabbing her partner with an insulin needle.

Luisa Hernandez, a nurse by profession, is jailed for 6 months for attacking her partner with an insulin needle after setting a trap with syringes and cooking oil. The 46-year-old nurse is based in Edmonton. She will go through probation for 2 years after her jail term. Her offence of setting a trap in order to cause physical harm to a person is quite rare, according to Toronto Sun.

Judge Larry Anderson said that the case was "quite unique" as well as "certainly unusual, if not bizarre." He called Hernandez a "complicated person with a complicated past." At the same time, he said that she had a "distorted" personality. Judge Anderson said that a "very high degree" of forethought was involved in the offence. He also said that there was a "breach of trust." Ms Hernandez, according to Judge Anderson, expressed "very strong" remorse after committing the offence. She also made a complete confession to police and pleaded guilty.

Hernandez was living with 57-year-old Kaz Glinny in a common-law relationship after dating him for 4 years. She apparently could not digest it when she was served a 30-day eviction notice by Glinny. She asked for a loan of $10,000 from him to buy a new house. However, she was left with refusal.

Hernandez set a trap for her partner the next evening. Glinny entered the house around 7 o'clock in the evening. He slipped and almost fell in the entrance, as he stepped on cooking oil on the floor. A medical supplies kit could also be found on the floor. According to his statement, there were also uncapped syringes with transparent liquid in it. Hernandez asked Ginny again for the money, but Glinny continued to refuse it. She reacted by stabbing him with an insulin syringe in the back of his neck and later asked him to eat peanut butter to raise his blood-sugar level.

Hernandez is expected to be banned from pursuing her career as a nurse.

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